I own a Phantom 2 w/ Elite limbs and Nitrous X cam setup. I originally set the bow up with a P-loop (loop below the arrow) but never could get rid of a tail high tear from the bow. I timed the cams using the loop to draw to simulate the tension from below the arrow at draw and everything. To finally get rid of the tail high tear I had to switch to a D-loop. The problem is after doing that and relocating my peep I can no longer see my sight. It is covered by the riser where it comes back out to the limb pocket. Has anybody else had a problem with a tail high tear that they couldn't seem to shake with this bow? To fill out the rest of the info, I'm using a 3-D premier rest (two prong launchers), copper John 3-pin hunter sight, 2213 Superslams, bow is set to 60lbs and 29 inch draw (B-cam). I absolutely love the way this bow shoots but if my anchor has to be uncomfortable to shoot it then it's no good.