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    How do you know if you can swap cams out and how do you know which ones. Sorry for such a newbie question!

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    It's not as easy as that, first you need to find the kind of cams that you want to put on whatever bow, and then you need to figure out the string length, that you will need to have made for it, some cams will not work with some riser and limb combos, then if you want something like the CAT cams you will need reinforced limbs to go with them, as you can see their is more to it then you may think. and some cams will give diffrent draw lengths with diffrent risers and limbs. I know I have changed a few,
    Good Luck!

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    Thanks for the reply, I figured there was more to it then just swapping them out. If you find some cams that will work how do you figure the string and cable length?

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    First find the Cams you want to use. Then try to find a formula to get the right lenghts.

    My method is to check specs like AtA and string length on different bows with the same cam and try to find out a relation between those. If you know what the desired AtA should be you also know the length four your string/cables.
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