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    My son has a 45-60 08 Bengal with STS which is the oem Martin sts.

    The bow shoots great and he took 3 does last year. But a reoccuring problem keeps cropping up that I cannot figure out.

    The sts stopper keeps flying off the rod. This has happened since it was new.We have tried different types of glue, tape, 3 different new sts rubber stoppers. We have made sure the string in perfectly aligned with the rif under the stopper. It has serving on the string where it hits the stopper.
    It occurs sometimes every shot. Sometimes every 10? Its annoying.

    Any fixes as on slow frame by frame film it appears the string actually doesnt travel in a perfect line back to the sts every time, in these instances it hits the not directly but off to one side or another,bends the rubber stopper over enough that the string goes slightly past the stopper and upon return the string pops it off the aluminum rod.The bow has been checked by a Martin dealer for string problems and cam lean but this is a plague!!!!
    I am about to craft my own rod with a slightly larger rod turned down to fit the riser hole and install a larger rubber snubber on it. The bow is stealthy with the sts but rather loud without it.
    Any recommendations before I start crafting my own device here?
    If it didnt mention it I have tried every different approach in the amount of clearance between the string and sts but it doesnt matter.


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    I've made myself an STS from an alluminium pipe and a rubber tip for cane.It's quite big comparing to the factory one, but stops the string without any problems.I've posted some pictures in a previous thread - you can have a look at them.
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    My factory sts did the same thing. The glue trick worked for a while but like you said is eventually came off. I ordered a new end from limbsaver, glued it on and have never had a problem sense.
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    I have limbsaver sts and have had no problems with this, it would be easier to buy one from sims than make your own, to use the rear mount sts hole you will have to just cut it down to the right length as they come long to use as a front mount if needed.

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    after much trial and error we have found a solution. After setting the sts to the correct length we first used blue locktight to lock it in place within the riser. Both on the set screw and the rod.

    Where the sts slides on the rod we cut 5 sets of very shallow groves with a dremel tool around the cicumference of the rod extending down about 1 inch. I used clear silicone caulk on the rod and a small amount into the sts stopper and slid it on the the rod. After drying we have shot over a hundred shots last week and nothing has moved and we consider case closed.

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