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Thread: Sore Middle Finger shooting Recurve

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    Hello again,

    I've currently shooting a 50# Martin Dream Catcher with my 31" draw length and my middle finger is getting very sore on the inside at the last joint nearest the end. My index and ring fingers feel just fine. I know this bow is only 60" and have read elsewhere that I should be shooting at least a 66" or 68" bow for my draw length. Could my finger soreness be a result of too short a bow? Do you think I'm experiencing finger pinch? Would you guys recommend I switch to a longbow because of my draw length? I would hate to do permanent damage to my finger because of this.


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    Mr Mnemonic


    Hi Joel,
    Without seeing you first hand, I can only guess. But I believe the most common reason for sore fingers for finger shooters is having uneven tension accross the three fingers on the string.
    To clarify that a bit. When you're at full draw all three fingers should be one above the other, with the string in a straight line over the three fingers. If your fingers follow the V shape of the drawn string, ie one finger carrying more of the load than the others, it will affect your shooting and may hurt a digit.

    It's also possible you release is flawed, but I'm not even going to begin to try and correct that over the net.

    Of course Its entirely possible there is something wrong with your finger, in which case I recomend you see a doctor

    Other than that, your Dream Catcher should be fine at your draw length, I shoot 31" on a Damon Howett that is 2" shorter that yours.
    changing to long bow will not neccessarily change the string angle at you fingers. Recurves and long bows work very differently, and even two different recurves of the same length may have different string angle depending on where the limbs are designed to work (flex) and how long the rizer is compared to the limb.

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    Mr Mnemonic


    Just an additional thought that popped into my head, do you shoot split fingers or three under?

    Let me know

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