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Thread: E-clip size

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    Default E-clip size

    Does anyone know what size e-clip I need for the axle on my warthog?

    Just put my new limbs on and must have damaged the clip taking it off. After putting the bow back together and shooting I noticed a vibration at the top of the bow. Found that the e clip is loose to the point that it spins freely around the axle and comes off quite easily.

    I don't think the hardware store would appreciate me taking my bow in to try clips.

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    "I don't think the hardware store would appreciate me taking my bow in to try clips. "
    Well, you couuld remove said loose E clip and take that into the hardware store.
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    Years ago, I bought a little box that had about a dozen e-clips of each size. Cost about $3, and I still have 90% of them left.

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    You can get those e-clips boxes at many hardware stores or via online archery shops.
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    Or youy could just squeeze ita little bit with a apir of pliers. I've done this and it works. Doesn't take much.
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    Default Good Thinkin'!

    Thanks Barry!!!!

    For some reason I was thinking that the clips were a spring steel and would have no memory, Put a little pressure on with my nocking pliers and problem solved.

    Tried many differnet sizes that never worked. Tightened up the original and problem solved. I guess if they had no memory the thing would still be as tight as ever.

    If this didn't work the clip was gonna get a string wax treatment which would have likely silenced the vibe for a while.

    Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.

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