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    So I'm begining to think that I'm spending more time working on my bow than shooting it. Other than the fact I need to order a new string and cable with extra serving I'm having a problem with the CCS and idler wheel alignment. I've heard that this is a problem but don't understand why. So if anyone can help I'd REALLY appreciate it.

    BOW: 2009 Cheetah 70lb 29" w/STS & CCS from factory

    When holding the bow in the shooting position my string is running to the left side of the idler wheel, which would mean that I need to put a couple twists on my right cable...right? The problem is the cable going up the opposite side is hitting on the right side. So, if I put a couple twist on the right side the cable has a pretty good chance of coming off. It's already close to coming off, rubbing pretty good.

    I'm already expecting a new idler wheel in the mail any day now due to a dent in the wheel from the this happens not sure either. Is it possible that the wheel is bent? Would changing from the CCS to a cable guard make a difference? it seems like the CCS has the cables pulled pretty far over. I just don't know what to do at this point.

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    Adam, changing the CCS is a good idea, but will need to send the bow to the factory i think.May be you have a bent axle-check it before putting the new wheel.
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    Once I get the new wheel I'm going to unhook everything and see how well the wheel spins, maybe it's bent. I went to Dick's Sporting Goods today to get some hunting supplies and checked out a new Martin Bonecrusher with the cable guard, the idler looks identical to mine.....string off to the far left and cable off to the far right. Since finding this out makes me wonder if it is the CCS, I just don't know. I'm going to mess with the y-cable and see what adjustments I can get. This is the second week of hunting season and I don't want to send the bow to Martin for repair.

    What about a "shoot through" system?

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    Let me know what the problem is. I have the same bow w/o the css, just a cable guard and am having a very tough time tuning it. I've tried everything and nobody seems to know what's wrong.

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    I'll try to help out here so if I'm wrong someone correct me.

    When taking the lean out of the top wheel you need to make sure there is no lean at full draw. Do this by twisting the Y cable so it's shorter on the opposite side its leaning. When it is straight it looks like the string will come off the wheel but it will not.

    Here is a pic. of what my Moab looks like. Notice how the string rubbing the wheel. This is why it would be a good idea to serve it or just replace it with custom strings and cables. I've been shooting this bow like this for a few months and have had no string wear yet.
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    Thanks for the info guys, I'm going to mess around with it tonight. I know that when I got it I noticed the string off to the left at rest but when I would draw the bow back it looked somewhat centered. However, I did not look at the cable and it's the one that worries me more than the string. I am going to be getting a custom string made but would like to get most of the kinks outta the bow before hand.

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