So I'm begining to think that I'm spending more time working on my bow than shooting it. Other than the fact I need to order a new string and cable with extra serving I'm having a problem with the CCS and idler wheel alignment. I've heard that this is a problem but don't understand why. So if anyone can help I'd REALLY appreciate it.

BOW: 2009 Cheetah 70lb 29" w/STS & CCS from factory

When holding the bow in the shooting position my string is running to the left side of the idler wheel, which would mean that I need to put a couple twists on my right cable...right? The problem is the cable going up the opposite side is hitting on the right side. So, if I put a couple twist on the right side the cable has a pretty good chance of coming off. It's already close to coming off, rubbing pretty good.

I'm already expecting a new idler wheel in the mail any day now due to a dent in the wheel from the this happens not sure either. Is it possible that the wheel is bent? Would changing from the CCS to a cable guard make a difference? it seems like the CCS has the cables pulled pretty far over. I just don't know what to do at this point.