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Thread: OK, you twisted experts - does this curve look right?

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    Default OK, you twisted experts - does this curve look right?

    OK, you twisted experts - does this curve look right?
    OK, I am new, so new I don't even own an arrow! But, because of various physical handicaps I am not even sure if i can do this sport, so I am having fun putting my target bow

    I built a draw board. Today I charted the attached curve for 29" draw. The draw stops never made it to the end (about 1/8" away when I stopped) because the pull was exceeding 60 pounds. The mystic is a 35-50 pound bow with adjustable draw stop. The measurements were taken from the first button hole on the rest. 7" brace height. If I want to shoot from the valley (Which happens at 26" should I keep this draw length? Will other draw length settings significantly change the valley location?

    Can you change the draw length without using a bow press? Seems like you can, but want to confirm before I launch parts of me and the bow over the fence.
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    Which cam do you use?

    This DFC looks wonderful!

    If you want to add some draw length the Valley will move also. If you increase the DL with your module by one inch the valley would move also into this direction so that it would start approx at 27" and end at approx 28". If so you can use also your draw stop to finetune it.

    And yes, on all modern cams the DL can be changed without a bowpress! Just turn the module or - in case of a single cam - change the module by removing the screws, changing it and put the screws in the right position.

    Anything else can also be found in the Manual.
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    Default thank you

    thanks for your input. I have the furious cams. My bow says I have an 80% letoff, yet looking at the chart I get about 65% letoff (if I am reading this correctly) Any ideas as to why this would be? The bow is an 08

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