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Thread: Martin P3 Pro Series? Is there such a thing?

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    Default Martin P3 Pro Series? Is there such a thing?

    I just bought a used Martin Pro Series P3 or 3D the letter and number overlap and I'm not sure what it is. At the moment it is not in hand, it's at my brothers place he is testing it out. Any way I've been searching on-line and I'm not finding any info on this bow. There's no sticker on the limb to tell me Draw length or poundage? On the front face of the upper limb is where it shows Martin Pro Series P3 or 3D. I'm sure I got a good deal on it but I'd really like to get the specs if possible.

    I'd really like to know the age of the bow and what it retailed for. Martin web sight offered nothing for discontinued items. Any help would but awesome.

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    Default P3

    Yes there is such a thing as a P3 it stands for phantom 3 if Im not mistaken,

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    The P3 was made up to 06, that I know of,they are a very good bow, I used one for target at one time, they come in a lot of weights, all the way up to 70# the one I had was a 60# with nitrous cams.

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    Hey thanks for the info.
    I did find out a few things today. First of all it is a P3. The draw was to short for me. I took to the new Bass Pro Shop here in Altoona IA and they said it was already adjusted all the way out...I didn't believe them so I took to the local Archery shop and he said the same thing but it's set at 28. That really bugged me so I did some snooping and found out that the pro's are wrong it was adjusted all the way in (setting #1 on the mod). Sooo I set it all the way out(setting #4 on the mod) and it's now perfect. The cam's on it are called Furious XL and I think it will crank up to 70, I had it set at 60 with another full turn left on the limbs but I don't know where it is now since I changed the draw.
    Shot a few rounds from 20 and grouped at 1-1/2" I think I'm gonna like this bow.

    Oh ya I got the bow, a new soft case, six new carbon arrows a trophy taker drop away rest and a true fire release for $75. What a deal!

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    Your right!what a deal!if you find anymore like that let me know please!

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