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Thread: Limb Pressures- too much draw weight

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    Default Limb Pressures- too much draw weight

    I have a question about limb pressure or too much draw weight.
    How many lbs. of over draw weight can the limbs on my '08, 70# Firecat handle before there would be a problem. when you wrap up your cables to bring your ATA and BH into spec, there is a significant amount of added draw weight to the limbs. Can the limbs say, go to 75# -80# before they break? I'm not going to wrap up my cables till the cams are touching, but I want to know if I wrap them, then tighten the bolts, and I get a draw weight of say, 78 lbs. on a draw scale, ( Not that I have, I have seen 72.6 at full tightened limb bolts) Can the limbs handle being tested to reset my draw weight down to where I want it?
    I plan on using this as my hunting bow, and I don't want a high draw weight when I'm out in the woods and tired to have to pull back 70# anyway, I'm more accurate at about 65#
    I'm Someone who likes to know this type of information, just to prevent costly mistakes. I have a lot of educating to do with archery, and most of you have been shooting a lot longer than me, so I appreciate correct info.

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    When you Bring your A2A to spec's with the limb bolts titan all the way down, it should =only be 2 to 3 lbs over your max weight, twisting your cables to get their will not be a problem

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    Default Limb Pressures

    Thanks Roger, I don't want to damage my bow, this is a new and somewhat expensive proposition this bow hunting, and I can't go out and buy a new bow every time I might make a mistake

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    You will not hurt a thing.

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    Default Twisting Away

    OK Thanks, I'm going twisting, then to the range to see if I need some re-setting of anything.

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    Default Re-set my cams

    Well after re-twisting my cables to wrap my cams, I found I lost speed, quite a bit of speed like nearly 50 fps. so I reset them to about where they were, and I'm shooting 304fps at 70# 365 gr arrow 30" Draw length and 293 @ 65#. Hunting season is on, and when it's over, I'm going to get a new set of strings, and play with it till I get whatever I can. This was a leftover bow from '08, so the strings might have faded in storage or I'm just shooting it a lot
    One of the things I noticed is my limbs are dated differently, is this a common thing? Or was this a damaged returned bow, and then resold to me after a repair?

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