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Thread: Damon Howatt Recurve??

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    Default Damon Howatt Recurve??

    I'm looking to buy a recurve and get back into trad shooting after being out of it for about a year. I'm looking at a used Damon Howatt recurve 40#@28'' AMO 58''. The serial number on it reads HM 31199. I was wondering if anyone could determine the year of this bow by the serial numbers. The guy said he's had it for 8 years but a previous guy had it but he didn't know how long. I can get it for 175.00. Is this a decent deal on a used Howatt? Thanks in advance for any help. Tradrick

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    Default Check ebay if you haven't already bought

    there are a number of Damon Howatt bows for sale there. You can get an idea of what might be a fair price and one of those sellers may be able to answer your question about year of manufacture.

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    HM stands for Howatt Mamba.

    The serial number suggests that it was built in a year ending in 3, ie 1993, 2003, etc. You would have to post a picture to give the actual year of manufacture. $175 could be a reasonable price if the bow is in good shape.

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    Default Damon Howatt Recurve


    i was just in the market for a new recurve bow and i was looking at WIN and WIN bows i was just wunderin r they any good????


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    sounds good to me

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