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Thread: what type of rest does anyone use?

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    Red face what type of rest does anyone use?

    I have a Sabre and the Trophy taker rest won't adjust on my bow. Any suggestions for a rest?

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    I presume this primarily a hunting bow. If that is the case i would take a look at the Whisker Bisket.

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    Jack NZ


    I have a NAP quick tune 1000 on my Saber.
    I was going to put a Trapdoor inertia on it but the target crowd at my club talked me out of it.
    Seeing as how I seem to be shooting more an more NFAA/3D and less an less hunting,I now feel this was a good choise.

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    Default rest!

    i use a cobra diamond back dropaway,very good rest,and good price also!

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    we'll I use the Montana Black Gold Trap door rest and I have yet to have a problem with it yet. Here hunting Elk I walk thru alot of thick timber and brush and I didnt want to have to draw and find out that my cord was broke, would make a bad day having a trophy elk or deer in your sites and not be able to draw because your fall away rest wont come up. It is a littile more expensive than some other fall away rests , but no cords, cables or wires totally falls on innertia of the bow. MBG has a lifetime warrenty with their products also. I had a TT on my other bow and had the same problem wouldnt fal fast enough and was always havin fletch contact. I would highly recomend the micro adjust over the standard.

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