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Thread: Can I keep my bow Strung?

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    If you would keep your bwo strung the limbs would bend in the direction of the string and you would loose power. Also the string will stretch on any recurve so you will have to retune it before you shoot everytime. Competition shooter keep their string beside the bow and measure the tiller/braceheight before they start to shoot and will add some turns to get the brace height back every time.
    Thanks Montalaar. That's good information.

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    Most don't leave recurves strung, but you can.

    I left my 2002 Bear TD strung 24/7 for 4 years w the original FF string that came w it! Brace height dropped about 1/4 inch, nocking point did not change, neither did the draw weight. I did not need to retune it when I shot it. That was 3 yrs ago and it's still doing fine.

    I do unstring it now, and I did replace the string. I always unstring my other bows (always have) just tried that w that one to see what would happen. Nothing did, still hasn't.
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