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Thread: Martin P3 Pro Series, How old is it?

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    Default Martin P3 Pro Series, How old is it?

    I recently bought this bow used and there is no info on the limbs.
    I believe the draw to be from 28-32" and the weight to be up to #70.
    Any one know any more info on this bow?

    How old it may be?
    What it might have retailed for?
    What model it might be...Panther?
    Is there a model # some where else on the bow? If so I can not find one.
    One last thing. The cams how do I know what the let off is? 65% or 85% I think are the choices. Do you sacrifice accuracy with higher % let off?

    Here's some pics to help you out.
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    Martin P3 from 2006 or 2007.
    Elite Limbs with Furious XL-Cams. The Draw range should be around 27"-31" with those XL-Cams. With the
    The current Letoff is 65% as far as i can see that on the modules.

    You can see the original Martin website here:
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    Thanks for the info and the link Montalaar, some good info there.

    Was this bow designed for target? What do you guys think about the 85% let off modules? Worth buying?

    I took the bow to Sportsman's Warehouse and they helped me with some of the noise I was having. We put some padding under the drop away at the riser and also I guess the cable slide bump stop was on backwards. you can see it in the pic.

    30" draw set at 60# it chronographed at 268 fps and did well through the paper.

    Anyone have an idea what the value of this bow might be?

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    Default Value

    Well, the value is whatever you paid for it, and whatever you get out of it. What it sold for is another question. But going by this site, I'd say around $630, new
    This bow to bow comparison goes back to 2004, your P3 is 2006 or 2007, and fires an arrow at over 300 fps
    Hope this helps
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    tood s


    Now that is a good looking bow !!

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    Thanks elkslayer thats what I was shootin for was a retail price. I paid $75 for the bow how you see it plus 6 carbon arrows, a patriot release and a new soft case.

    Gotta love craigslist.

    Thanks fot the comment Tood

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