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Thread: Martin P3 Pro Series, How old is it?

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    Default Martin P3 Pro Series, How old is it?

    I recently bought this bow used and there is no info on the limbs.
    I believe the draw to be from 28-32" and the weight to be up to #70.
    Any one know any more info on this bow?

    How old it may be?
    What it might have retailed for?
    What model it might be...Panther?
    Is there a model # some where else on the bow? If so I can not find one.
    One last thing. The cams how do I know what the let off is? 65% or 85% I think are the choices. Do you sacrifice accuracy with higher % let off?

    Here's some pics to help you out.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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