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Thread: 05 shadowcat specs?

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    Default 05 shadowcat specs?

    I recently bougth myself a 05 shadowcat.
    I just want to know what the correct specs are for this bow
    ATA , BH ,
    cams are Nitrous A with regular module
    the Limbs are elite 7L, what should be the max #?, (those limbs are not mentioned in the Martin standart cam chart table for my bow)
    I can't find it on the Martin website (On the Martin website there is a tab "History" I can see the bow there but going deeper into that page doesn't work.)
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    I have some info, I don't know the #'s. The A to A should be 40.25" and the brace should be 8.5" if it is the target version with the elite limbs. That bow is one of the best Target bows ever made and depending on your draw length it may fit you better than any bow you have ever shot.
    The A cams are so nice !!! You might want to look into getting another set of mods and making it an X system. I have had 6 Martins in the past two years and they have all had the X system. It is without a doubt the finest cam system made.

    If you need any help getting it set up let me know.

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    thanks Paul,
    I measure the ata on my bow 41"5/16, BH 8"5/16, that is not bad I think.
    My DL is 28.5".
    yes, I'm in the proces of getting the X-modules. Martin dealers are not around here in the Netherlands , but I made contact with a dealer in the US, thoug its been a few days since I have heard back from him , hopefully he doesn't drop the ball.....
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    That is probably the best target bow made for you !!!! I believe there is a correlation between the A to A of a bow, a persons draw length and how well the bow feels. Brace height also comes into the equation but then things get pretty wild. For example my dl is 27" and like bows right at 38" A to A. Above 40" I can still shoot them well but i am not quite as comfortable behind the bow. Brace height comes into it in terms of the draw cycle and how my shoulder muscles come into play.

    If you need anything let me know, Paul

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