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Thread: Martin Saber - How Fast To Expect ?

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    For hunting @53# you can take a deer. Find a comfortable weight you can pull. I have drawn back and let down on deer a few times waiting for a good shot. Try shooting in your hunting clothes and i always try to pull straight back. some guys i hunted with had their bows cranked up to where they had to struggle to get it back. they moved so much they would get busted. hope this helps

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    I'm new to the bowhunting thing, but I'll toss in my two cents. I have a 09 Bengal with a peak of 50#. I shoot two weights of arrows. 1 is carbon express maxima 250s (30 inches) and the other is the carbon express terminator 4560 (30 inches) that Wal-Mart sells. My draw length is 28.5 on the Bengal. The cx max 250s weigh around 360gr and I shoot them at 226fps and the term 4560 at 222 fps (don't know weight but it's a heavier arrow). I also have some camo terminator 4560 and they go at 218 fps. My mission eliminator will do 243 (maxima 250) and 239 for the 4560s. It also is at 28.5 but at 55#s. I'm very happy with the speed I get, but my top concern will always be placement for a quick kill. Keep the weight at what you're comfortable with, it's a lot more fun. Remember 200fps was considered very fast not long ago. PS, the guy who sold me my bow, shoots at 40#. Hope this helps

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