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Thread: Nitrous cams on a Quest SE ?

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    willow ms

    Default Nitrous cams on a Quest SE ?

    I was wondering if it is possible to gain any speed on my Quest SE(TRU-ARC) by using Nitrous cams instead? Is it possible to convert and how smooth is the draw in comparision? I love the smoothness of the cams now but the speed is not great(245fps at 62 lb 29" draw with 30" BemanICS 400s). ANY input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Never was a fan of the Tru-Arc cams. Smooth draw always means less speed, all things being equal. The Nitrous cams should fit very easily as most all the limbs are the same between the forks.

    You'll definitely notice a difference in the draw cycle--harsher and less letoff. That's part of the price to be paid for more speed. You have to do more work. You may get to like the Nitrous. Most guys do. Because of less letoff the rollover is smoother.

    As for speed? Nitrous was one of the fastest cams made, at least for a dual cam. I have very little doubt you'll gain quite a bit of speed. Keep in mind that you'll most likely have about the same speed as the TruArc, but at about 10# less draw weight.

    Before you do this, you might do more research. Sometimes it's not just as simple as changing cams. The limbs you now have will probably change their draw weight range. You'll need new string and cables. What length I do not know.

    You might find the info you need in the Tech Info section at Martin's web site. Try the 2004 area.
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    willow ms


    Thank you for the input. It was just an idea, I wanted to find out if it was feasible. I worked in a pro shop in the '80s and 90's but the technology has passed me by. I haven't reconfigured a bow in years. I just found out there was a Nitrous cam. I haven't been very active in tournamment trail for quite a while and am just now getting serious again. Looking forward to the Alien Nemisis 36" ATA Hybrix cam. I will have one!!!! I will keep the Quest SE for hunting and may decide to tinker with it. I will check the tech info like you said. I went from Z-Cams straight to the TRU-ARCS. I am not a fan of One cam systems. I enjoy your offerings of advice. I miss the days when I was a go to guy. It sure can be rewarding to help people in need of your knowledge and experience. WILLOW

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