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    Hi !
    Have my new 55-70 # SABER bought as Complete Package from Viennas Pro Shop BST.
    They have carefully set em up to 55# ,28" Draw,Laserguide the Stinger into Center and minimize
    Clerarance for the Blackhawk ACA the Basement for testing...
    The little thing Performs like his Double Tagged Brothers and there was no Noise, no Shock, no Vibes,
    no Sustain, nothing. GREATFULL!!!
    I m real Impressed and so I dont look closer...........
    After 50 Shoots at my Backyard my Servings on 2nd Shootstring and Splitstring are hevy worn out.
    2 nd was cutted on axle heigth (String Slaps ?) ,Split was rubbed trough (did Plastic Modules a weak Job ?)

    But what makes me a Head are my Stringgroove Sidewalls. They vary from 0,06 to 0,035, and the smaller
    one was on the Loaded looks so small as I dont work on it anyway.

    Now i had a couple of Questions:
    Is my Cam within Savety Specs or has anyone an Datasheet (Measures, Tolerances) ?
    Factory Endserving Material (Part Number) ?
    Has anyone try smaller diameters i.e. .018 ?
    Had F-4 Draw Module on Cam and an Second one in Draw Module Set but missing F-5
    (on DynaCam Chart there was no Entry for F-4) ?
    Replacement Set DOUBLE HELIX #340,#398 fits for 88" 36" Strings ?
    Hope for help to extend Servingcycles to had real FUN with the BIGGEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK BOW
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    I use .018" Diamondback for my ends.

    I use Cam-ez when I make the strings. If I didn't make the strings I wax the servings at least once. That seems to take care of the early wear problems.
    My factory strings had early wear, once I waxed the servings the wear stopped.
    This seems to be a problem that all single cams have.

    From your pictures the wear doesn't look that bad. But you might want to check your cable guard clearance. You want it set so you have minimal clearance between your fletching and strings.

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