I'm new to the sport but just love these bows. A friend has a Fury which I've been shooting for a few months. As soon as I shot it for the first time I was hooked.

Anyway, to the point. Just purchased an old Lynx XRG and would like to know if I can get a manual somehow. I don't know the serial # right now but here's what I do know.

55-70# draw weight
30" draw length
36" string

It has the round cams, about 2" diameter.

If you need the serial # I can get that tomorrow.

An electronic copy e-mailed to w.reed@mchsi.com would be ideal, if that's not available I'd take a paper copy in the mail too
That could be sent to:

Wayne Reed
607 N. Main St.
Earlville, IL 60518