2117, way to stiff. You need feathers, vanes will kick on that type rest.

I suggest you try some 1916's (you can cut them to your draw length) with feathers (legacy arrows are a good choice). Adjust the rest out until you are just left of center, you might need more but it's a starting point.

The best way to find a starting point is hold the bow vertical with an arrow nocked and sitting on the rest. Line the riser up inline with a focus point in the distance. The blury arrow should be pointed slightly left of this alignment. Archers paradox will flex the arrow around the rest if the dynamic spine of the arrow is correct. If you shoot an arrow that;s to stiff you will find it very unforgiving of form and release changes. Proper spine and rest alignment will not totally forgive a bad release but it's better and closer to target than a to stiff arrow.

I like the martin springy rest. It's simple and it works.