this is driving me nuts! shot all day today shooting a 28" gold tip hunter xt (55-75) bareshaft with 3 fletched arrows of the same (2" duravanes....and 100gr. target points). The bareshaft , no mater what i did ,shot aprox. 6-10" right and slightly lower than my fletched arrows at 30yds. (also ,it always landed tail left) . That shows a weak spine according to everything iv'e read. I moved my dropaway rest all the way left (a little at a time) then all the way to the right, it still impacted right every time. Not once did it go left .

I'm only set at 52Lbs. (2 1/2 turns out) ......surely those 55-75's are not too weak for 52 lbs. with an Mpro cam. ???????????

Can anybody tell me what the h___ (heck) is going on? thanks