This is all new to me.

For years i've been interested in Archery and now i finally have some $ to invest and some time on my hands.

No hunting for me, i'll be sticking to targets.

Most of my day will be spent researching local archery ranges/shop/classes in the Seattle area.

I found a good deal on this bow, look slike a good starter bow....What do you guys think?

Martin Cougar Magnum Compound Bow from the Big Sky Avenger series.

Draw weight is set at 65-70 Lbs.
Draw length is 28 inches.
String length is 34 in. Bow has brand new cable with less then 10 shots.
Axel to axel is 39 in. Bow has black leather wrist strap, stabilizer, silencers, Cobra sight with 3 fiber optic pins, arrow rest, and an 8 arrow Martin Archery quiver.

Anyone have more info? The bow doesnt come with the manual.

ANY advice and/or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.