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Thread: How to shoot my recurve?

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    Hi all,
    I was at the outdoor shooting range, shooting my jaguar T/D recurve, when I noticed this one gentleman shooting his bow at a slight angle, with his bow in his left hand and pulling back his arrow with his right (right handed archer) his bow was at a slight angle, the top of his bow was toward the right and the bottom of his bow was angled to the left. Like this "/" thats with me watching from behind him. Then I went home and was watching "The best and worse of Tred Barta, and he shoots his longbow the same way.

    What's the proper way to shoot a traditional bow, straight up and down, or at an angle? or does it matter?


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    I shoot with a cant as you describe. With a rest you can shoot vertical and the arrow will stay on the rest. But with many recurves and longbows the arrow is resting on the shelf of the bow and some angle is needed to keep the arrow from falling off the bow.

    But for me I shoot all traditional bows while canting the bow. It allows more clearance to the ground while hunting, it's eaiser in treestands and it becomes a natural position of the bow hand.

    If you are looking at sights you need a vertical hold. However if you are sighting over the arrow it makes no difference what angle you hold, you are still seeing the arrow the same way.

    Try this:

    Put your bow hand out and cant the bow. Place yout tab on the string without moving your bow hand. Draw the bow string back and find a solid anchor (thumb on your chin, or corner of your mouth). Hold until you notice the arrow points relationship with the target. (most likely lower than the X or close to even with it depending on distance), release the arrow and see where it hits. As you adjust this to hit the X you will notice that the arrow points position to the target is a reliable reference.

    As you pratice this hold longer and longer at anchor. Once you have your arrow point reference move your focus out to the target until the arrow blurs.

    Give it a try

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    OK, try this. take youre left hand and using youre index finger point at an object across youre house. Now, look at how youre hand is oriented, then pick up youre bow and point with it the same way. Everyone is different but the majority of folks will cant there bow naturally as you described. There is no right or wrong in trad shooting just what works better for some folks. Kenny

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    Thanks guys for clearing that up and thanks for the great tips. I will definitely try them.

    Thank you.

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    Default How to shoot my recurve

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