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Thread: 291 fps Firecat, but hearing a crack/slap!!

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    Default 291 fps 2010 Firecat, but hearing a crack/slap!!

    took my bow to gander mtn today to chronograph it. im getting 291fps at 70# with a 27" 5575 goldtip expedition hunter at 368 grains (85 grain fieldtip included). im very happy with this except for a loud crack/slap after release. ive been shooting outside and thought i was a little loud, but inside of their 10'x40' range, its real loud. any ideas of what to look for. they told me i need rubber on the limbs and wanted me to get the $55 tune-up. its only 2 weeks old, so no tune-up. they also suggested an octane tripwire rest. my center shot was off by 1/4" i know thats alot. i could see where the fletching was hitting the launcher on the QAD hunter rest. i switched out the launcher to the one with the smaller arms and fixed my center shot, went out back, shot 6 arrows and can still hear the crack/slap now that i know what to listen for, its not as loud, but still there for sure. he also put a square on my cams and there is a lean in the top cam, bottom was good and parallel to the string. is this a defect in my bow?? this lean really does have me concerned. do i need to ship it back?? what do you guys think the crack/slap is comming from. i just shot 18 shots and i am clearing the rest now, but do still hear the crack/slap. thanks
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