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    I'm a 26 year old looking to buy my first bow. I've shot my dad's old fred bear a couple of times and I've shot a buddy's Martin he bought at Dick's sporting goods. I'm not sure how these bows stack up to a martin bought from a dealer since they are named something different at Dick's. I'm just starting to look so I don't know my draw length. Last time I shot the bow string hit my arm and swole all up and bruised but I'm guessing that was from having a longer draw length than what's recommended for me (whatever that may be). I hear a lot about Hoyt, PSE, Parker, and some Fred Bear and of course Matthews. I would like to spend less than $450 or maybe $500. Would a martin bow be a bow for me and will it last a long time?

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    They are the same bows with different names. I have a 09 Bengal and it is very smooth and forgiving. It was the first bow i have bought in 15 years and I am very happy with it.

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    Well i own a parker persuer, a pse nova extreme (first bow) and a 09 martin cheetah. I would say martin bows are just as good (or better) than any other kind of bows out there. If you want to get a quite fast bow that is light, smooth, forgiving, and does not have much shock and is cheap i would go with the bengal. Nice nice bow for the price. I have a cheetah and love it and the reason i am telling you about the bengal is the cheetahs have a small problem with the strings. But the bengal is an all around great bow. I hope nobody hates on me about this but parker makes some great smooth hunting bows too lol. They are not super speedy but are reliable, smooth, and not much shock. My persuer was only around $300 to. Its your choice though. Id go with the bengal if i were you. :]

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    yes the bows at dicks are the same as the other martins, just named something else and maybe different colored cams/idlers, but still the same, at our dicks i found out that i could actually get a 2K9 cheetah w/ STS/CCS from cabelas for the same price as the dicks one, whatever its called, but the one at dicks didn't have STS/CCS

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