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Thread: bengal cam timing

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    Default picture of cam

    here are the pictures of the bengal
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    Sure nuff looks like it's over rotated. Maybe take a few twists out of the cable and add some to the string.. The gap in the picture should be about 3/8" or a tad more. I'd try taking about 5 twists out of the cable and add about 10 twists to the string and see where it's at.

    This is going to drop the poundage a bit and shorten the draw length. Don't get too concerned about the draw length. You can always change to the next larger module to gain some length back.

    Don't forget that this will change the location of your nocking point (loop) so this should need adjusted again.

    Getting the cam rotation better should make the bow more quiet and smooth out any vibration you are feeling.
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    Default 08 bengal

    Sorry for the wrong manf date it is actually an 08 model. The string orriginally came off the cam at the end of the groove in the cam ,now it's aprox 1/4 inch or more.The max weight is 56 lbs. and it is let out to 30" now. If I untwist the cable any more it wont have any twist left. I guess its time for some new strings.

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