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Thread: Need Help with 08 Firecat

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    Thanks, but I don't know that I helped all that much. All I've done so far is post some specs and results I've got with my own FireCat. That and make a few suggestions that usually work.

    I can sympathize with your situation. The dealer thinks there is a problem. He refers you to the company. The company refers you back to the dealer. So it doesn't take long before you think "I'm getting the old run around". I don't blame you.

    I do know that Martin prefers to have dealers handle such things as they are supposedly the "PRO" with enough experience to take a look see and determine what the problem is then make the necessary connections with Martin to resolve the issue. What I'm saying is that the dealer should be talking with Martin. If he thinks there is a limb problem he should just order new limbs under the warranty contract. That's what part of being a dealer is all about.

    Whether he will charge for labor or not to do the limb swap is his call. If you can't do it then you should expect to compensate him for his time and effort. However, if you were my customer I would do the job pro bono. Just call it good customer relations, especially if you are a returning or faithful customer.
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    Yeah, I dropped it off at the shop, hopefully they can get this fixed. I was wondering if anybody else had this problem. Thanks again

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