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Thread: Identifying my bow?

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    Default Identifying my bow?

    I was just given a Martin Onza as a gift, and I'm trying to identify the exact model so I can get some more information about it. The only thing that I can find is a small piece of clear plastic on it that appears to say "cougar". Everything else is faded off from that tag, so I'm kinda in the dark as to what it could be.

    Breif description - It's all camo w/ a wood grip. Martin Archery logo carved into the wood grip. ONZO with what appears to be a large cat (lion, cougar, cheetah, something like that) is written on the upper and lower portions of the bow.

    Any thoughts? I'll try to take pictures and post them to help with the description as soon as I get a chance.

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    Got pics for my bow, hopefully this'll help identify it....

    If anyone has any ideas on what model this might be, I'd really love to know!


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    That bow appears to be fairly old. I tried to find more on it but this is pretty much all I could find. Hope it helps.

    This is the 91' version. Sorry I couldn't make it easier to read.
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    Thanks for the info. That does appear to be the right bow, I'll have to do some more research on it now that I know a little more.

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