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    Hello. I recieved my Shadowcat (magnum limbs and nitrous cams) last week and I am slowly geting it tuned. One issue id thought id ask about is the when I got it the two bottom module srews were loose so I niped them up. After about 50 shots the bow was making horrible noise. I checked everything to find the module screws were about two threads from falling out It doesnt seem to efect the bows draw length!? What problems would this cause? Also If they come loose again should I loctite them in?



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    I had the same problem with my Jaguar with Dyna cam. I simply tightened them up the first few times. After they continued to loosen slightly, I used just a drop of serviceable loctite on them. I don't think it did any thing to impair the accuracy of the bow.

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    Bubba nailed this one but if that concerns you simply put a little fingernail polish on the threads before putting them back in. I use it to keep my G-Nocks from rotating in my Navigators, I can still pop it loose if I need to but it hold until then.

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