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Thread: First Martin - Firehawk

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    Can I get a little more info? I nicked my string and have one strand brokend. I need to get new string any suggestions.
    I just got a new string for my FireHawk It cost me 20.00 + 5.00 shipping,they had the hole set for 50.00 here the company i used phone #1-402-750-9621,that was the cheapest one i could find,It hasn't twisted a bit yet but its fairly new still.Hope that helps

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    dakota strings is having a closeout sale... might not be the colors you want, but I hear they are pretty good strings, and you can prolly get what you want for less than 50 smackers...

    that is the lists, with sizing, on closeout

    here is where you order:

    I use barracuda strings, so I can't vouch for these, but this is what martin puts on their premium bows... maybe someone here will have some thoughts

    the dakotas are prestreched at 800lbs which helps with readjustment and stretching... the extremestrings mentioned above are stretched at 300lbs, definately something to consider, if you are shooting high weight arrows.
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    Haven't been around in a while. Thanks for the info on the strings guys. Also are you guys using a quiver? If so wich quiver are you using. I just got a Trophy Ridge Cage 1 but it will not mount to the bow. Any help would be great.

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    I use a quiki quiver works great......
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