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    Do you eat those? Just curious to how they taste ... a friend told me they are mainly used in Stews. Well went Bow Hunting over the weekend ...friend and I were on the same tree .... about 630pm after our last set of calls ... a6pt buck steps out about 20-25yds...on my friends side....he took the shot but went high...also went stalking on Mon afternoon...went with 2 other friends...we came across 1 boar walking the edge of the jungle line and looked liked it was heading into the my other friend went to intercept it and the one we were watching decided to walk along the edge as I was drawing my friend that ran in the trail to intercept it spooked an even Bigger Boar ... estimated at 90-100+lbs and the one that was walking along the edge was estimated about 60-70+lbs and that was spooked by the bigger boar so I didn't get a got spooked from the other one and it was about 20yds away from me.
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