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    Default shorten draw ?

    I have a 2005 razor x with the se limbs and dyna cam. I am trying to set it up for the neighbor kid but it is to long for him and I got the F1 module on it. Is there any other modules that would shorten the draw length 1 1/2 inches? Or is there any way to shorten it? Thanks

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    You may be able to get the numbers you are looking for with Nitrous cams and mini-mods. I will look to be certain, what length are you looking for?

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    Default 25 inches

    I am looking for around 25 inches. How much would Nitrous cams with the mini mods cost?

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    I just looked it up and with the SE limbs an A cam will get you to exactly 25" but the minimods will help the bow shoot better. You may be able to find a used set on AT. I bouht a full Nitrous X system on there a while ago for something like $60. I know where you can get the strings if you find the cams.

    You could also call Martin and explain that this is for a kid you are teaching to shoot and they may help you out.

    PS if you can't find the mini's you can use the regular mods with the A cams and we can play with the strings a little.

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    Changing cams like that generally changes draw weight.
    For instance 1L limbs with Dyna is 40lbs on a Razor X SE. 1L limbs with Nitrous A cam on a Razor X SE is 60lbs.
    That can turn your cheap venture into nearly the cost of a new bow by the time you add up new cams, strings and limbs.

    If it was me I would use up all the draw length I could. Shorten the release, don't use a loop. Then if I could get it close enough I'd short string it until he grows into it or buys his own bow.

    What length do you need? 26" or 26 1/2"? Dyna on that bow should go to 28" or 27 1/2" with the extra pegs.

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    I have pondered on Myk's comments and feel n need to reply. First we are looking to get the bow down to 25", that is a drop of 2.5" we are not going to get that by twisting cables and doing other patch work.

    With reagrds to letting the person grow into the bow or doing other things other than getting the proper draw length, that is insane. I would rather see a person not shoot than shoot with equipment that doesn't fit. A local big box store has an indoor range and I see it all too often.

    When equipment doesn't fit it is impossible to develop proper form, learn to use back tension or hold a steady sight picture. The things will cause too much frustration for the beginning archer.

    I am a perfect example of this. I have been shooting for about two and a half years and i shoot National level tournaments. This is somewhat due to my first bow fitting me pretty well. Because my first bow fit me pretty well i didn't develop any real bad habits and lerned to shoot with proper form very quickly.

    This whole idea that close is good enough when it comes to the fit of equipment is crazy! Would you expact a track runner to run in shoes two sizes too big?

    Martinman- I will work with you to get this bow right for the young man and i strongly urge you to call Martin and explain the whole story. Speak with Joel or Jake and I am fairly confident they will help all they can. When you get it sorted out let me know and i will help with the strings.

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    I missed the part about 25" and focused on the 1 1/2" the first post wants.
    You're right, you won't safely short string 2 1/2" away, at least it's not something I would hand to someone else to shoot.

    I never said anything about having him shoot something that doesn't fit. I said if he could get close enough by removing the loop and using a short release, which are NOT "patch work" things, THEN he could short string it to make it fit, and I said nothing about twisting strings to do it, that is not short stringing, that is twisting strings.
    Shorter than spec strings would have the added benefit of taking away draw weight, which I find is often needed when handing a new kid shooter an adult's bow. Although it does void the warranty and in the case of 2 1/2" can put too much stress on the limbs.

    May as well give up the idea or buy the kid a new bow. He's going to spend about $220 on cams and limbs, not including strings. Or wait forever trying to find the right cam and limb combo used (I waited for around a year before I gave up and ordered new ones at the above price).

    He could find a Phantom II Mag Dyna or Fuzion on clearance for around $225, used ones are well under that and they do go to 25". I'm pretty sure there's still one used at AT for $175 and an Elite Phantom II for $300.
    There are a lot of cheaper options than buying limbs and cams.
    The guy wants to get the neighbor kid shooting, he didn't say he wanted to buy the neighbor kid a new bow.
    I also didn't see any mention of tournaments, in that case buy the kid a recurve and set him up in JOAD.

    As for insanity, that would be taking a bow, swapping cams on it and increasing the draw weight by 20lbs.
    I'm picturing some 13 year old trying to pull 80lbs or more, like that wouldn't have the effect of causing bad form.

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