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Thread: Turning cable guard out to clear 2 in. Blazers

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    Default Turning cable guard out to clear 2 in. Blazers

    My blazers are barely rubbing on my 2001 Jaguar's strings and If I move the cable guard out a touch , 1 degree, maybe 2 my Blazers shoot awesome and clear the guard . My jag has dual Z cams . Is this O.K. or damaging to my bow ??Thanks for any ideas guys and gals , hope to be on this site more offten.
    P.S . This bow rock's , keep up the great work , hope to send in some photo's soon .

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    Right from the owner's manual:
    You're OK to rotate the cable gaurd a bit... Just like it says, don't rotate it more than you need to. Not only does it put more pressure on the limb tips and axle bearings, it also creates more cable-gaurd torque in the shot cycle.
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    To add to what my estemed colegue had to offer I would suggest you play with your yoke cables and see if you can get rid of some the cam lean i am sure you picked up by tuning the cable guard. By all means get it shooting well and then play with those yoke cables.

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