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Thread: My New Shadowcat Blew UP!!!!!!

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    Angry My New Shadowcat Blew UP!!!!!!

    Bugger. I went down to my range for some tuning and practice. I had shot about 30 arrows when as I was drawing back BANG!! I only waited eight weeks to get it and have had it for only two weeks.

    Both the control cables broke, the cable guard was almost torn out, the arrow was smashed and there was some minor damage to the rest and sight.

    I wouldn't have thought this would happen to a new bow with less than 150 shots through it.

    The pics show what im talking about.

    Here is Martins warranty statement. So much for their U-beaut Double helix strings

    All Martin Compound Bows are warranted against defects in materials or workmanship to the original owner , on all risers, limbs, limb pockets, axles, bearings, and cams (everything except the string and cables) for 10 years (starting at the date of purchase) and then 50% list price for the life of the product*. (Strings and cables are not included, and should be changed either every season, or anytime they show wear, whichever comes first.)


    I will let my dealear know ASAP Monday morning.
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    I would call Martin I had a minor problem with my 06 Saber too. sent it back and they fixed it no questions asked .

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    Martin are sending me a new set of cams and strings. Thanks fellas

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    Stuff happens to bows... It doesn't matter who you buy them from. It's great that Martin stands behind their product, and takes care of the customers.

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    Default shadowcat

    i have one too and the first thing i did when i got mine was to put new cables and string on it . it shoots very well and my groupings are very tight i have had 2 robin hoods so i have had to go to 5 spot to save my arrows . the best bow i have ever had my hands on \ thanks to martin

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    I got my bow back from the Pro Shop. They replaced the strings, cables, cams and the limbs. They put extra heavy duity cables on it. I a happy camper again.

    Thanks Martin

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    They put extra heavy duity cables on it.
    Your pro-shop's idea or Martin's idea?
    If it's the pro-shop's, too heavy of cables on a Nitrous doesn't work too well.
    Changes draw length and let off because they don't fit down into the track all the way. Make sure they fit.
    I would think if it was Martin's idea they would fit.

    Also watch for your serving to get cut on the cams. I just got Nitrous cams and had my serving getting cut where the two strands of the loop go into the track. There wasn't a nick or bur, I wouldn't even call it sharp, it was just the transition from the track to the top of the groove. I gave it a rub with some 600 grit sand paper and it's fine now.

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    Im not sure whos idea it was. I know the bow is working well. But when im talking to the shop again I will ask them.


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