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Thread: My New Shadowcat Blew UP!!!!!!

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    Angry My New Shadowcat Blew UP!!!!!!

    Bugger. I went down to my range for some tuning and practice. I had shot about 30 arrows when as I was drawing back BANG!! I only waited eight weeks to get it and have had it for only two weeks.

    Both the control cables broke, the cable guard was almost torn out, the arrow was smashed and there was some minor damage to the rest and sight.

    I wouldn't have thought this would happen to a new bow with less than 150 shots through it.

    The pics show what im talking about.

    Here is Martins warranty statement. So much for their U-beaut Double helix strings

    All Martin Compound Bows are warranted against defects in materials or workmanship to the original owner , on all risers, limbs, limb pockets, axles, bearings, and cams (everything except the string and cables) for 10 years (starting at the date of purchase) and then 50% list price for the life of the product*. (Strings and cables are not included, and should be changed either every season, or anytime they show wear, whichever comes first.)


    I will let my dealear know ASAP Monday morning.
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