ok, so I know that in general two cam bows shoot faster than similar single cam bows at the same draw weight but I don't really understand why

also, why is it a single cam bow seems to pull easier than a double cam bow at the same draw weight ?

and another thing - you know when you're pulling back, at some point in the draw it lets off and gets easier to hold ? does it seem to you like on a single cam bow the let off place doesn't feel as steep - I mean it sort of eases smoothly into the lesser weight area where the double cam drops off abruptly into the easy pull area ? Is that true of double and single cam bows in general, or is it just the difference between my Firecat and my Saber.

I would be interested in understanding whats the difference between a single cam and double cam bow, pros and cons of each - any insight you can offer would be great.