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    I just made an attempt at switching out the modules and now I'm pretty sure that the longdraw modules I received are not the correct modules for these cams. After setting the original modules to the last hole, for 30" DL, I moved the draw stop to corrospond. Then, I removed the modules and tried to replace them with the longdraw modules. That's where I discovered a problem....there is no way to line the holes up! When I line up one of the number 8 holes with the hole in the cam, then the other number 8 hole is about an inch away from where it needs to be. I looked it all over and double checked everything and I see no possible way to make these modules work. They must be for CAT cams rather than CAT 1.5. That's what I'm thinking anyway.

    update...I called the dealer that I ordered them from and they are going to send the correct modules, so maybe I will get them this week.
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