At work, we are on kind of a skeleton crew this week since a lot of people are on vacation for the holidays. Well Monday morning I got to a good stopping place on what I was working on and so I stopped working and got up to walk around and take a break. None of my coworkers were there, so I walked outside in the back of our office and went for a walk on this walking trail that we have.

Here is a map of where I work so you can see what I'm talking about:

OK, you see where the words "Bud's Best Cookies" is on that map ? Well if you look straight up from there till you get to the line of trees by the river, you'd be looking at the place where my story occured.

I work in the Region's bank building next door to the Cookie factory.

Anyway, I come out the back door of the building about 10:45 and walk on this walking trail in that line of trees near the top of the ridge. Thats the Cahaba river in those trees, even though you can't tell from the picture there is a steep ravine down into the river and those building are high up on a bluff overlooking the river.

OK, so I come out the door and I walk no more than a hundred yards from the back door and I noticed that I could see a long way across the river, so I thought if I sat down and watched I could probably see some animals. So I took a couple steps off the trail and then I remembered that I had a squealing jackrabbit in my pocket, so I thought maybe if I called on it I might see a coyote or a bobcat down in the river bottom.

So I start blowing on the call, looking over the other side of the river and suddenly this huge buck jumps up not 20 feet away from me! Totally took me by surprise. Biggest buck I've seen all year and I'm not even in the woods and hunting, I'm basically standing in the back yard of an office complex. Well the buck ran off and I was so excited I went back inside and looked around for someone to tell about it, but since I'm basically by myself at the office this week - no luck.

So the next couple of days I've made it a point to go out there and look around a few times a day. I haven't seen anymore deer, but there is a ton of sign, deer scat, tracks, acorns.

I would have never guessed that the biggest deer I've seen all year I would see it right outside the office on a work day.