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Thread: arrow weights

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    first I've hear of it too....

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    What is a Threshold...other than the entrance in a doorway?

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    I bought that dad my bow for christmas, at 29 inch draw, 70# model, it is only pulling 63lbs with the limb bolts maxed out and it is shooting 283fps...the only arrow that would paper tune in it is a easton flatline 400 spline, his are cut to 29.25 inches, using a whisker bisquit with one inch over draw.

    for what its worth... go to a pro shop, that bow, may pull more or less than my need to find out what its pulling and how fast its actually shooting before you pick out an arrow... otherwise with carbon, you can start chasing ghosts out of your shot pattern if you pick an arrow thats to firm or to soft...

    just my two cents....good luck and happy new year...before you get the bow fitted, you might try shooting it a couple hundred times, I have seen strings stretch a 1/4 inch after shot in...especially if it actually shoots 70lbs of draw weight or better, which I HIGHLY DOUBT.

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