Hi. I'm pretty new to archery and I just picked up a Firecat on ebay (I don't have pictures yet, it's this one). I have a couple of questions about it, but the most important is that the cables are directly in front of the bowstring. It appears when comparing it to my son's Bear that the cable slide is on the wrong side (cables/slide on the left side), and looking at the wheels, the bowstring is in the big part of the wheel (no cam) but on the right side, and the cable is on the little part (cam) on the left side. The ad did say that the limbs and wheels were replaced, and I was wondering if maybe it was put together backwards. I can provide better pictures if you need them, I will just have to find the camera. Also, what is the set screw for on the yoke that holds the cables together. I will probably have more questions to come, but I wanted to thank y'all for the questions you have already answered.