I am brand new to this forum and Martin bows, but have had experience with bowhunting for about 30 years now. However, my equipment is 30 years old and I'm finally ready to upgrade....that's why I'm here. I live in a pretty remote area and there are no archery shops nearby, so I'm counting on forum members to answer my questions before I order a bow.

I have been leaning toward purchasing a Martin bow and have narrowed my choices down to the Warthog, Firecat, or Firehawk. I want to use the bow for deer hunting, both mule deer and whitetail.

Although I have been shooting a bow and killing deer with it for 30 years and have actually killed 2 deer with a bow this season, I have never even seen a release except for when I've watched bowhunting shows on tv. I have always used my fingers...one over and two under and I feel pretty confident that this is the way that I would like to continue shooting. However, I'm not opposed to trying a release...maybe I'll like it?....but I would like the option of using my fingers if that is the way I'd like to shoot. So, my question is about using fingers vs a release on these new bows. As I said, I have watched bowhunting shows on tv and have never seen anyone using their fingers. Is this something that people just don't do anymore? If I purchase a new warthog or firecat will I be able to use my fingers if I want to or is their some reason that I will be restricted to using a release? It seems that I have read some posts on here that described cables coming off because of people using their fingers to draw the bow. Is this a problem I need to be aware of before deciding to buy one of these bows to shoot with my fingers?

Basically, at this point, I guess I just need some knowledgeable people to explain the use of a release and to let me know whether I would be able to shoot with my fingers on a new warthog or firecat if I chose to shoot that way. I appreciate any help that anyone is willing to offer.