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Thread: 08 Slayer takes down an 8 point in Ohio!

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    Default 08 Slayer takes down an 8 point in Ohio!

    I shot this little 8pt fella Tuesday night at 6 pm. I was sitting down when I saw him at 100 yards through the brush and trees. All I saw was a deer's rear end move through a small opening so I stood up and grabbed the bow and got ready. After about 5 mins I saw him walking straight towards me and I not even realizing he was a buck until he hit one of my shooting lanes at 25 yards. I wasn't even ready for a shot but he didn't offer an good angle anyhow. Once I saw his antlers I decided that I wanted to take him so I drew back and started following him trying to find an opening. Of course he stopped in behind a bunch of stuff so I just let down. When he started to move again I drew and waited. By the time I had a clear shot and a good angle he was slightly behind me at 12 yards. He stopped, was broadside, and I let her rip. At the shot he took a step and went down hard on his face and almost flipped rear over head. Well as soon as he went down I was like "YES" then he got up and ran too which I was like "NO", Lol! I gave him about 30 mins before I climbed down. I knew I had hit him a little low but I was real tight to shoulder so I figured it was all done from there. I get down and find the fletch end of my now broken arrow, never did find the broadhead end but I'm sure it's laying right there. Within a couple feet of that there was a more than adequate blood trail, those Grim Reapers sure make a mess As I followed the blood I'm thinking this can't happen this way as he was heading straight for a lane I can drive my truck down. About then the trail started to zigzag so I knew he was done for and then there he was. He made it about 75 yards from the shot which put him 20 yards off that lane and I have to say I liked the 20 yard drag Of course I thought he was bigger when I shot but in actuality I don't really care. He's my first buck in Ohio after hunting there for 6 years so needless to say I was pumped!

    Now I can relax a bit and try for a doe or two and wait for the rut since I still have a PA buck tag. Just maybe I can hold out for a brute there

    Oh yeah I know someone will say it, I really shoulda tucked his tongue in before taking pics but in my excitement I just plain forgot about it. I didn't even realize until I looked at the pics.

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    Well done, nice deer even if its not a monster.

    Quote Originally Posted by davydtune View Post
    I just plain forgot about it. I didn't even realize until I looked at the pics.
    Sometimes frowned upon but don't worry too much about it. Most hunters will eventually see it for themselves, hopefully.

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    Nice Buck .Congrats

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    nice buck you got hearing a slayer drew blood...
    It's all fun an games till you put that big boy on the ground.. now its time to get to work
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