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    im 17 years old and I got my martin jaguar 2years ago for christmas. I shoot 2117 easton (aluminum) arrows with 125 grain nap thunder heads on the the end. i had scene 14 opening weekend but no shot (all within 5 yds of my stand).It was about 7:30 in the mornin and i had scene a little buck pass brod side about 60yds in front of mystand, no shot. about 5 minutes later i look to my right and he's comin back in. I had a saltblock and corn 15 yds in front of mystand. The buck stuck his head behind a tree as he was walking up, i attempted to draw my bow back, but as i went to do so he stuck his head back out and headed to my corn, so i was at about 1/4 draw as he was walking up to my corn, turned back around and went behind a big walnut and i drew back, once he stepped out i grunted and he stopped brod side, and i put it behind the shoulder and shot. i got down found my arrow and it was covred tip to tip.tracked him 60 yds to find i had shot in front of the shoulder through the juglar and out the other shoulder. Not the best shot i know but try shooting right handed over your right knee, nt that easy. but thunderstruck that day in hazlett hollow when i killed my first deer with a bow.

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    Congratulations on the buck!
    I'm just about 17 years old and I also have a Jaguar, but I have never gotten a deer, not with bow or with rifle. Last hunting season though, I was bow hunting in my backyard on the logging road, when I started hearing footsteps, so I would walk a little ways, then stop, and I kept doing that until a doe( in New Hampshire I can shoot a buck or doe with a bow) walked out of of trees just to my left! So I'm standing there with no cover at all, and the doe keeps walking closer, until she stopped just 25 yards (approx.) away from me. The problem was, she stopped behind a bush. I got my bow drawn, but she realized there was danger, so she snorted, stamped the ground and ran off. By this time, I only had about a half hour of hunt time for that day left(it was about 6:30pm), so it was starting to get dark. I knew she would come back, so I waited. Sure enough she came back, but she stayed in the trees about 30 yards out. She again ran off and came back again, but still no shot. At this point it was hopeless to get a good shot at her, so I gave up. Maybe next hunting season I'll get one.
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    haha buddy we've all had something like that happen. openin mornin that year i looked in my corn pile to my left and there was a doe in it, just enough shootin light, she was brod side about 10 yds(i had my corn entirely to close) I went to draw while she was eatin and she looked right at me while im at half draw, i held it for about 10 seconds and she went back to eatin,stupid me went to draw again and she was gone. I dont think its ment for me to kill a doe :

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