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Thread: What does everyone think of my arrow speed?

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    I wasn't complaining about my bow being fast or slow the deer that I've shot have been complete pass throughs at 30 yards!! I know that my bows can be faster with lighter arrows and no junk on the strings was just giving some info to compair with. Thank you for the comments I did step to a faster bow but not changing my arrows but shooting less draw weight.

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    I forgot to mention that the kinetic energy of my arrow is approx. 54.9 ft. lbs. According to the calculator, this is in the large game category! So I guess I won't have to worry about penetration when I'm deer hunting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RogerSr View Post
    You might want to wrap your cams up a little more, even with that heavy
    of a arrow I think you might get more then that, you don't need that heavy of a arrow not in the lower 48.
    +1. Even with the same arrow, a little fine tuning should bring it up about 10fps.

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