im 17 years old and I got my martin jaguar 2years ago for christmas. I shoot 2117 easton (aluminum) arrows with 125 grain nap thunder heads on the the end. i had scene 14 opening weekend but no shot (all within 5 yds of my stand).It was about 7:30 in the mornin and i had scene a little buck pass brod side about 60yds in front of mystand, no shot. about 5 minutes later i look to my right and he's comin back in. I had a saltblock and corn 15 yds in front of mystand. The buck stuck his head behind a tree as he was walking up, i attempted to draw my bow back, but as i went to do so he stuck his head back out and headed to my corn, so i was at about 1/4 draw as he was walking up to my corn, turned back around and went behind a big walnut and i drew back, once he stepped out i grunted and he stopped brod side, and i put it behind the shoulder and shot. i got down found my arrow and it was covred tip to tip.tracked him 60 yds to find i had shot in front of the shoulder through the juglar and out the other shoulder. Not the best shot i know but try shooting right handed over your right knee, nt that easy. but thunderstruck that day in hazlett hollow when i killed my first deer with a bow.