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Thread: jaguar identification needed

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    Default jaguar identification needed

    just picked up a jaguar for the better half today, the bow has a maximum poundage of 45, draw seems to be from 25-30 inches. i have searched but can't find this model listed in this configuration anywhere.

    second question, can the draw length be shortened to 22"? she is 5'2" with short arms?

    thx bob

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    Hard to say what you got without a picture or a description. Have you been here?

    I take it that it has Dyna Cam and Magnum limbs? That's the standard issue and goes from 25"-30".

    If you switched to Nitrous A cams with mini-mods it should go down to 22.5". To keep that poundage you would need 01L limbs.
    They list the Jaquar with all the cams from the Custom Shop but Nitrous is the only chart that has it shown. So it might be able to be done.
    It also takes Mini-Z which I bet would get it down that far.

    You'll have to call Martin and talk Custom Shop to be sure.

    If she's shooting bent armed she could maybe pick up an inch or two if she went with straight arm depending on how bent it is.

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    Default here is a pic.

    the only numbers i can find on the limbs is 720 on both.

    thanks for the help


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    Could 720 actually be 02L upsidedown?
    It would become a 40lb bow if you changed to Nitrous cams, assuming those limbs can handle it (I don't think they were laminated back then). But even with the mini-mods that would still only get her 22.5", those are very nice cams if it can be done and she can shoot 22.5".

    On the limb sticker there is a bow number. What are the first two numbers? In one way or another that translates into the year of the bow. I don't know when they used the slotted riser to and from but I know they used it in the mid '90s. And the limb sticker is the style of my '96 Lynx.

    Those look like old Z-cams.

    I'm not sure if that old of limbs can take a Nitrous upgrade. The custom shop would know for sure. One way or another I bet it could get down to 22" and I would think that Mini-Z cams wouldn't require a limb switch.

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    Default thanks

    i will call the custom shop.


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