Well, I've been searching hard for a new bow and I think I'm now pretty set on getting a Martin. I just don't think you can beat the "bang for the buck".

Now I know that you should always shoot the bow before you buy it to see what is right for you personally but...I'm afraid I'm a bit of a penny pincher. I finally found a Martin dealer that's only about 40 miles away from me so I plan to go there to try out some of the new bows. But...I've also been looking at the classifieds on AT forums a LOT. There's some pretty good deals on there at times.

Here are my questions though, and I DO need help. All opinions are welcomed.

I think I'd like to keep my cost to about $400. List price of the new Bengal, how convenient! What I really want to know though is your opinions on comparing new vs used vs other models. In other words, for around $400 what's my best bet?

New Bengal - $399
Used Slayer SE, not sure of the year yet, Nitrous C - $350
2004 Slayer SE, with sight, rest, peep - $300

or maybe a new or used Sabre???

I'd like to use this for hunting if the opportunity arises. Many thanks in advance!

Also, what is the warranty policy for pre-owned bows? Is the warranty transferrable or only for the first owner?