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    G'day everyone

    Iam 15yo and my Saber is only a couple of days away very excited as this is my first bow, and just wondering if theres anything more i should know from owners/previous owners of Sabers. Also which colour do you have personally on the internet the colours dont look too great.. iam think about just camo

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    Jack NZ


    Hi Natan,I have a Saber as well.
    It's a great bow.
    Just a heads up though,keep your cables well waxed where they enter the cam as this area will wear if it's not kept lubricated well.
    Mines Camo,it's a hunting bow.

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    i`ve had mine for 5 weeks now and i am very pleased.
    you might have to spend a little money to lower the hand shock and vibrations. but other then that i think you will like it.

    i agree with Jack, keep those cable valley`s waxed real good.
    i actually pack the wax right into the groves of both the cam and idler wheel then work it in with my finger.

    most all short bows have the tendency to have a problem with the cable guard pulling the strings out to the edge of the cam and wheel groves. twist the cable guard in as far as you can so the arrow vanes will still clear the strings. you can also buy new strings with smaller serving after words.
    if you don`t want to spend extra money on smaller string serving, just keep it clean and waxed you should be fine.

    by the way, the camo is awesome....

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    ok thanks, around how much is wax? and what would i buy to make the hand shock less, and around how much would that be thanks. I just wanna know what to say when i walk in to buy it

    P.S admins if you read this can you edit my username its spose to be "Nathan" missed out the "H"

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    string wax is relatively cheep. about $5.00.

    the hand shock is controlled by a stabilizer system that you mount to the front of your bow where the threaded insert is.
    in my picture you can see the Sims modulars where my wrist sling is located.
    that particular model cost $59.99 at the shop i go to.

    stabilizers are like bows, it`s a matter of personal choice and expenses.

    if your bow shop is like the one i go to, you can actually try out different models and then buy the one that works best.

    my recomendation... Sims products all the way.

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    Get a Good Stabalizer ... There are Many that are out on the Market...ebay is the cheapest place to get so far...and some string silencers too also don't forget to get some limb savers as well if you are going to use your bow for hunting. I use my Hunting Bow *Martin Cougar Magnum for 3D as Well...Mine is also one of the Quietest Bows there at the our Archery Club. And the Guys with the Other Brands of Bows Wonder why my bow is so Quiet...and they also have Vibration Dampeners on their Bows...when They ask me how come my bow is so quiet...I Tell em ...It's a Martin! lol

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