martin, as i understand it, doesn't make the pro grips anymore, which is a real drag, cause i need a full grip or the riser hurts my poor widdle hand after a few ends.

so... on the pro shop's recommend, i went to loesch, and ordered a not inexpensive full walnut grip, which came a couple days ago. the directions supplied with it say to use masking tape... ahem... to build out the grip area until the new grip slides on snugly, then seal with.. ahem... silicone caulk. and, don't leave it in the sun. indeed.

so, with the factory supplied grips removed i have a riser with grip cutouts that need to be filled, built out in fact, about a 1/4" on the thumb side, to make the new grip fit properly. i don't really want to do a 1/4" plus of padding out with masking tape, and thought i could get from martin a set of "grips" that were simple flat cutouts in the perfect shape of the grip cutouts on the riser, maybe the thumb side a 1/4" above flush, and then glue/caulk to that.

also the angle of the grip is not quite right, so a shim of some sort, a wedge, is needed to go on the string edge of the riser, where the palm rests, to make the grip level with the arrow ledge...

anyone have any experience with this? know if martin will provide the inserts i need, seeing as they know the exact size of the grip cutouts already -- save me having to get a piece of wood, or masonite maybe, trace and jig saw and sand, etc, etc. or, anyone know of a better approach? i like the grip, it feels like it will do me very well once mounted. i just hadn't counted on so much 'assembly required' to get a new grip.

or, better yet, anyone know where i can find a set of martin progrips, 17, for an 06 razor?